Digital Invoicing

One suite to connect to all digital invoicing channels​.

One suite to connect to all digital invoicing channels

The world of billing and payments is changing. It can be cumbersome to keep up to date with demands from your customers when it comes to modern billing and payment solutions. Billte can help your business keep up by converting your invoicing data into modern standards and sending the invoices to your clients through their preferred channel.

Digitising of invoicing made easy and cost efficient

Use the channel your customers prefer

Help your customers manage thier bills and let them choose through which channel they would like to receive their invoices.

Invoice conversion from any format

With Billte you can modernise your invoices regardless of which format your invoice data currently is in. Billte converts structured and unstructured invoicing data into ESR-bills, QR-invoices, eBill or ZugFerd.

One single

Billte only needs one touchpoint to help you digitize your entire invoicing. We can connect to your existing legacy infrastructure and convert your invoicing data to any format needed.

One suite
all channels

There is no need to connect to all the different invoicing channels separately. With billte you only need one system. We can send out your invoices via mail, email, SMS, WhatsApp.

Meet the latest digital standards

Your customers are digitizing and moving towards paying their bills with their mobile phone. We help you make this transition easy for both your company and for your customer.

Avoid large investment into old infrastructure

Making changes to your legacy billing infrastructure can mean a large investment or may even be impossible to do. With Billte you can save this investment and still digitise.

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