Offer Multiple Payment Methods For Your Clients

Give your customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment method for your invoices.

Easy Integration of Multiple Payment Options

Your clients are expecting more and more flexibility when it comes to payments. The mobile phone is the main device used for making payments and your clients want easy, digital transactions. Now you can easily connect to all payment channels in order to satisfy your customers and get your payments faster.

Connect to a variety of payment methods with Billte

The flexibility of Billte’s solution will give you the opportunity to connect to a variety of different Payment Solution Providers. This way you can offer all preferred credit cards and mobile payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Twint etc. The system creates automatic reports across all payment channels using the ISO20022 standard.

Give your user the freedom to choose their preferred payment method and increase the payment rate!

Flexibility and convenience for your clients

Customer is king and the customer wants to use convenient and personal payment channels. Since digital payment methods are on the rise equip yourself now with the appropriate tools.

Punctual payments

By giving the customer the freedom of choice the amount of clicks-to-payment are reduced immediately. When paying invoices is convenient it increases the on-time payment rate.

Multi payment reporting

With Billte you get convenient payment reporting; one consolidated report with all payment methods. The reports follow the international ISO20022 standard.

Secure and customisable

The dedicated payment page offers all levels of security and can be fully customised to fit your company's look and feel.

Concardis partnership and best rates on the market

Concardis and Billte have entered a partnership to guarantee the lowest credit card rates on the market.

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