Fattura Digitale & Digi-bill

One suite to connect to all digital invoicing channels

One suite to connect to all digital invoicing channels

We collaborate with multiple banks to offer their customers a web application that streamlines the onboarding process for SMEs to their bank accounts. This application includes features such as automatic payment matching, eBill, email, postal services, and SMS, providing a variety of tools to facilitate the easy dispatch of invoices through various channels and streamline the entire invoicing process.

Digitising of invoicing made easy and cost efficient

Multi-channel Invoice Delivery

Send your invoices via eBill, Post, SMS or email.

Multiple Payment Channels

Improve the prospect of receiving timely payments from your customers by offering them various payment methods.

Focus on your core business

Focus on your passion while we handle your invoicing. Fattura digitale/Digi-bill monitor received payments and send reminders to your customers once an invoice surpasses its due date.

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