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    Digitize your invoicing with eBill

    With eBill you can send your invoices electronically directly to your customer’s online banking. This way you simplify the payment for your customers and it is more likely that your invoices get paid on time.

    Why choose eBill

    Receive timely payments from your customers

    When compared to paper and email invoices invoices through eBill are paid more reliably. One of the reasons is that the due date s suggestes as the payment date in your client’s online banking.

    Secure and efficient

    You create and send your invoices and your customers receive them seamlessly into their online banking. The whole process is reliable, secure and transparent and you can avoid reputational damage through spam and phishing.


    Your customer receives your invoice directly in their online banking account from where they can also pay the invoice. With eBill you will have less questions from your customers about their invoices and your customers get a more reliable receipt of payment.

    Billte is a Certified Network Partner of eBill

    We are the first network partner of eBill. As a network partner we can help your company easily onboard to the eBill infrastructure and start sending invoices to your clients via eBill.

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