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Vision and Mission

Our vision is to build rewarding relationships between companies and their customers through digital invoices.

Our mission is to digitalize paper invoices and to automate the billing chain for small and medium businesses. Since the deal does not end with a bill, we surround the invoices with a wide range of features that are beneficial for both, companies and their customers. By providing Value Added Services, such as bi-directional communication channel, awarding offers, analytics, forecasting, financial support, we help to maintain existing relationships and gain new customers.

For Business Owners

We know how important it is that clients pay for your services on time. We understand how long it takes to go after customers who delay payments. That’s why we created Billte. It takes this weight off your shoulders and strengthens your relationship with consumers.

convenient billing method

payment status notifications

automated late payments handling

additional marketing channel

For consumers

one app for all bills

friendly reminders

easy bill payment

help in need

Billte collects all your bills in one place. It organizes them into categories and reminds you to pay on time. Are you short on money this month? No problem! Billte enables you to forward bills to your parents, split them among friends, or get a credit.

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