At Billte, We Connect You to Digital Invoicing

Send and Manage Your Invoices With One Single Connection

Billte digitises the entire billing process so that you can concentrate on your core business. We keep track of your sent invoices, received payments and we send your customers reminders after the invoice has passed its due date.

Upload, generate

Upload, generate and track invoices and payments with ease.

Multi-channel Invoice Delivery

Sending invoices through the system or your preferred channels: email, paper format, WhatsApp, SMS, eBill, etc.

Invoice Collection

Your customers can pay by credit card, bank transfer, in installments, ISR (QR code).

All automatic

Reporting, summary, reminder and debt collection system.


Why Choose Billte?

Billte is a flexible online system that is easy to start using for businesses of any size. Billte does not need installation or maintenance and can be used together with any ERP system.

Use with any ERP System

Regardless of how you are creating your invoices at the moment, you can use Billte to send them. Billte can be implemented for all invoices.

Skip Paper Invoices and Save Resources

With Billte, you can skip paper invoices altogether. This saves both paper and time and we will be able to help you save invoicing costs by up to 75%.

No Installation nor Maintenance

Billte is an online software, so there is no need to download or maintain any software on your computer. It’s all in the cloud and accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Multi-channel Invoice Delivery

Send your invoices via SMS, email or WhatsApp. Your customers will be able to receive their invoices via whichever channel they like.

Multiple Payment Channels

Increase your chances of receiving timely payments from your customers by offering them multiple payment methods. With Billte, they can pay using credit card, online banking, eBill, Twint, etc.

Send Invoices and Forget About Them

You can concentrate on doing what you love while we send your invoices. We keep track of your received payments and we send your customers reminders after the invoice has passed its due date.

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