Billte and Concardis offer SMEs automated invoicing with integrated payment

Billte and Concardis Offer Small and Mid-sized Companies Automated Invoicing With the Option of Integrated Payment First published on The digital invoicing service Billte implements new payment option with PSP solution Concardis Payengine The online end-to-end solution makes it easier to digitise business processes from invoicing to accepting payment Gradual connection of all Billte […]

eBill: Billte becomes a network partner of SIX

eBill: Billte Becomes a Network Partner of SIX FIRST PUBLISHED ON SIX-GROUP.COM On 7 November 2019, SIX will introduce the network partner model for eBill into the market. Since the beginning of July, contracts for network partners have been available online for signature. The Fintech startup Billte is the first company to have concluded the […]

Billte and Banca Stato announce collaboration agreement to digitize invoicing for SMEs

Billte and Banca Stato Announce Collaboration Agreement to Digitize Invoicing for SMEs FinTech startup, Billte AG announced seed investment late last year and kicks off 2019 by making a statement about signing a collaboration agreement with BancaStato, the cantonal bank of Ticino in Switzerland. The two companies partner up to create an easy solution for […]

Billte announces CHF 450k in seed investment from Synpulse Management Consulting

Billte announces CHF 450K seed investment from Synpulse Management Consulting Billte, a FinTech startup specializing in digitizing the invoicing for both, customers and consumers, announces CHF 450K in seed investment. The financing comes from Synpulse Management Consulting, an internationally established management consulting company. The startup was kicked off in early 2017 as a part of […]