Billte and Banca Stato announce collaboration agreement to digitize invoicing for SMEs

Billte and Banca Stato Announce Collaboration Agreement to Digitize Invoicing for SMEs

FinTech startup, Billte AG announced seed investment late last year and kicks off 2019 by making a statement about signing a collaboration agreement with BancaStato, the cantonal bank of Ticino in Switzerland. The two companies partner up to create an easy solution for SMEs to digitize their billing process.

Billte specializes in digitizing the invoicing for both businesses and consumers. The invoicing solution allows companies to upload or create invoices and send them to their customers. The reminder process can be fully automated and taken care of by Billte. BancaStato want to offer this service to their clients to enable them to digitize their invoicing process and thereby being able to be more efficient in their core business.

80% of invoices are still on paper and SMEs need help digitizing their invoices in order to cut cost and to become more environmentally friendly. Billte’s service makes this transition easier.

Fabrizio Cieslakiewicz, CEO of BancaStato: “We are always on the lookout for new innovation that can promote the economy of the Canton. We are looking forward to working with Billte to offer our clients a service that can help them in their day-to-day business”

“Our business is all about making invoicing easy for small and medium sized companies and we could not have found a better partner to reach these businesses than BancaStato”, says Andrea Girasole, co-founder and CEO of Billte AG.

The launch of Billte’s invoicing solution to BancaStato’s SME clients is expected in June 2019.

About Billte

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Billte is a FinTech startup that specializes in digitizing the invoicing for both, businesses and consumers. For businesses Billte reduces the time and cost spent on billing. Billte makes paying invoices fast and convenient providing the user with different payment methods; bank transfer, credit card, and installments. Billte is an online end-to-end invoicing software that does not need installation or maintenance.

Film explaining the concept: (45 seconds)


About BancaStato

Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino was founded in 1915 with the aim of promoting the economy of the Canton and offering its citizens opportunities for a secure and remunerative investment of their savings. As a cantonal bank, BancaStato is a member of the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks (ASCB).

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